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Is your patio design ADA compliant? All your need to know

With the growing amount of outdoor seating, and the limited selection of ADA compliant outdoor furniture, our customers continually ask... what are the ADA standards and do we have a great design that can accommodate? Well, we have the answer to both - ADA in layman's: it should be 19" deep with no obstruction, minimum height of 27" from floor to bottom of the table, no taller than 34" and a minimum of a 30" width! It's that easy! and of course BFM seating has some complete table designs and base options to accommodate these laws, here are a few: Vista table, Longport 4-leg, Elite stainless end base, Bali end bases and our Alpha bolt down bases.

On another note, corner legs tables eliminate wobble like a center post base and are great for all around uses and design.

Longer version with pictures:

To accommodate customers in a wheelchair, tabletops and counters need to measure 27 to 34 inches in height.

Under the table, a restaurant must provide knee room that is at least 30 inches wide, 27 inches high and 19 inches deep.

The aisles between fixed seats must be at least 36 inches wide, and restaurants should provide wheelchair accessible seats throughout the dining room.

ADA information gathered and verified from various sources, including

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