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Most would agree that Design is a form of art and color impacts the way we live and feel. The fact is, color plays a very important influence on us; color is energy and influences our body on physical, mental and emotional levels, let’s think about Chromotherapy for instance, this is an alternative medicine that uses color as therapy to cure some illnesses. Let's face it, everyone has a favorite color and that color usually has a positive effect on each and every one of us.

We recently took advantage of the Philadelphia Mural Arts program to Photograph the BFM seating Lola chairs in a fun environment, with eye opening vibrant colors that complimented the chairs. The Lola is an injection molded seat with aluminum legs, giving it a very stable structure.

Fun facts how color can help your brand:

Red Lola: Have you ever wonderer why red hues are popular in restaurants? Red easily stimulates one’s energy, promoting liveliness, which is exactly what you need when mingling with friends over dinner or even making a quick decision over which menu dish sparks your appetite. “Red is happy and stimulating, That’s why so many restaurants choose it. It’s been suggested that looking at the color red can increase one’s pulse, heart rate and blood pressure. Red generally raises energy and excitement, which makes it a good choice for a dining areas, where people tend to gather.”

Orange Lola: This golden color may appear welcoming, but think twice before applying it to a home gym. “Orange helps stimulate the appetite,” Orange is best reserved for the kitchen or dining room. Orange helps promote positive emotions and sexuality.

White Lola: White may appear bland, but some interior designers say they love working with this shade because it feels “airy" and "open,” giving the illusion of more space in a room. Consider painting the walls of a cramped area white to make it appear bigger. And if you really want to jazz up plain white, add a painting or framed photograph.

Black Lola: Not for the timid, black is very dramatic and has the ability to give bare walls an elegant flair. Black can invoke feelings of staying indoors.

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