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5 reasons why wicker furniture is a good design consideration for both indoor and outdoor space

Wicker furniture is one of the oldest forms of man-made furniture, the earliest finds dating back as far as ancient Egypt, 5000 years ago.

1. Versatility
Wicker has a long history of usage in both outdoor and indoor interior design. Its classic look can instantly give both a vintage and modern flair, depending on how it’s styled and the surroundings it is placed in.
"There are a large variety of wicker furniture designs to choose from. One of my favorites is the the the Aruba by BFM seating"

2. Texture
The woven texture of wicker can bring an interactive surface to a room. “Wicker is more tactile than a drapery or wallpaper since you make use of it by either sitting in it or use it as a table surface,” When decorating, these textures allow warmth, easiness and balance.

3. Cost
Wicker is a wonderful alternative to expensive upholstery. “Use wicker chairs, whether the shape is vintage or modern, to offset the expense of upholstered club chairs. It offers a wonderful texture and a practicality of maintenance that fabric cannot offer.”

4. Color
There is a casual warmth and comfort that wicker adds to any space. “In modern rooms, I like to keep the color of wicker neutral, black or dark brown. May I also add the use of wicker can draw out the wood details in most rooms." If you want to create a light airy space, you can lean towards white and more natural tones. The variety of darks and light wicker, along with the unlimited variety of fabric for cushions allows wicker furniture to fit into most any décor.

5. Care
Easy to clean, lightweight, and depending on the weave, wicker can be transparent and airy. “Outdoor synthetic wicker can easily retain its sturdiness and a clean surface by covering it when not in use. If it needs a little cleaning, a light detergent and a spray of the hose will do the trick.” Wicker should definitely be considered as an option for interior furnishings as well. Indoor pieces can be dusted with a dry, soft bristle brush to easily remove any dust, pet hair or dirt.

Article written by: Jeannine Williams

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